If you aren’t currently using a centrally supported specimen tracking system, you’ve probably experienced the frustration associated with trying to accurately and confidentially locate and track your specimens.  One of our customers, Duke University, no longer has this frustration, and merged their centralized informatics programs with their other systems.

Duke Clinical Research Unit (DCRU) is the first biorepository at Duke to adopt CoreResearch@Duke for Biobanking, a new, centrally supported biobanking informatics system powered by LabVantage Solutions.

In moving to a new centrally operated system, Duke is now able to abandon the use of log sheets and utilize a more advanced method to pinpoint the information they need to accurately locate and track samples from distribution through analysis stages.

The benefits of using a centralized informatics platform are numerous, enabling you to:

  • Save time and resources
  • Make biospecimens more useful
  • Provide essential chain of custody
  • Integrate biobanking with other electronic systems

In addition to using CoreResearch@Duke to accurately manae biospecimens, Duke School of Medicine is also using a LabVantage solution to centrally manage the billing and booking of Duke approved shared resources and this is only the start, as other Duke biorepositories want to get on board and implement a LabVantage solution in the future.

One of the biggest benefits in going to a centralized informatics platform is the reduction in errors. Use of barcodes for all samples allows a user to track samples more accurately. According to Lynn Jordan, Manager of the DCRU lab, “With LabVantage we’ll be able to more accurately identify the inventory in each box that is shipped…We’ll have more confidence that every sample is what it is and where it is supposed to be. We’ll be able to answer questions with a higher degree of confidence.”

And that confident feeling of knowing that your samples are safe and secure is worth it!