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Hundreds of labs with thousands of users worldwide use SQL*LIMS today to run their labs. LabVantage will continue to support you. When you are ready, we make upgrading to LabVantage easier by providing a free LabVantage license transfer. Our professional services team knows SQL*LIMS intimately. They will preserve your investment as they are the most experienced with moving SQL*LIMS data and templates to LabVantage.


Can I still use SQL*LIMS if I am not ready to move?

LabVantage continues to support SQL*LIMS

LabVantage will continue to support any version of SQL*LIMS for those customers that have an active support contract. Support includes issue management and diagnostics for the SQL*LIMS licensed modules and programs as well as access to the Vantage Care online portal at all times. Please refer to our Support page for more details.

Why switch to LabVantage?

Free LabVantage licenses

If you have kept your SQL*LIMS support current, you are entitled to a 1 to 1 swap of licenses from SQL*LIMS to LabVantage at no charge.

Get the latest version of LabVantage

LabVantage is the most modern LIMS in the market. Take advantage of the newest capabilities.

Reduce risk

LabVantage has helped dozens of customers move from SQL*LIMS to LabVantage. We will help you through your migration process.

LabVantage benefits

Here are some of the features and benefits available with the latest version of LabVantage.

Rich Functionality

  • Rich out of box functionality that is being enhanced continuously
  • Appealing look & feel and easier to use
  • End user control of queries, sorting and grouping
  • Built-in instrument capabilities

Modern Infrastructure

  • Web-browser based access with no plugins or add-ons
  • More flexible and configurable
  • Ability to use JEE servers and databases from multiple vendors
  • Modern and scalable architecture