LIMS Deployment

Efficiency and effectiveness are two business objectives of all companies today. They are also two of the business benefits that companies hope to realize when implementing a LIMS. More specifically, companies expect to achieve

  • Dramatic improvements in business process efficiency,
  • End-to-end traceability of operations,
  • Process normalization and automation allowing the business to concentrate on data interpretation rather than data gathering, transfer and processing, and
  • much more.

Whether you are seeking to implement a LIMS for the first time or seeking to upgrade your current system to leverage the latest functionality, we are confident that LABVANTAGE can help you to meet these objectives.

Reduce Your Project Timeline and Budget

A successful LIMS deployment is one that is able to deliver your critical solution on time and within budget – but that’s only the beginning. Once implemented, your LIMS must produce a measurable return on investment by helping to achieve your critical business objectives. At LABVANTAGE, we understand that there is no better way to maximize this return than by reducing your implementation timelines, lowering implementation costs, and hence facilitating your project success.

With the most powerful, functional-rich LIMS products implemented by the most experienced professionals, LABVANTAGE stands ready to deploy your LIMS in a much faster, easier and safer fashion. We are your partner of choice, enabling you to demonstrate a quick project success and reap the benefits of swift deployment.

A Project Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs

Our extensive experience implementing and deploying LIMS has allowed LABVANTAGE to generate flexible deployment methodologies in accordance with industry best practices and tailored to your unique business needs. We are distinctively positioned to effectively and efficiently deliver LIMS systems within and across business domains, time zones and geographies.

LABVANTAGE provides a wide range of services during implementation, including requirements analysis, system design, LIMS configuration and customization, integration of the LIMS with laboratory instruments and other systems, report writing and much more. Our worldwide presence facilitates the deployment of LIMS systems of varying sizes and complexities from small local systems delivered in local languages to large globally coordinated endeavors.

Project Management Approach Designed Just for You

One size does not fit all when considering project management strategies as, by definition, there are unique aspects to every project.

LABVANTAGE utilizes a flexible approach to project management based on the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK methodology. Each engagement is managed according to the most beneficial strategy for your unique business environment and specific requirements. For instance, projects with a pre-determined and well-defined end point may follow a waterfall approach, while projects where the end is defined during execution may be managed according to the relevant agile project management techniques.

Our technical project managers embrace in-depth knowledge of our project management and implementation methodologies, coupling extensive experience with our solutions and your business domain. Partnering with LABVANTAGE, you can rest assured that the schedule, budget and scope of your LIMS deployment are managed efficiently and effectively.

Unparalleled Expertise and Decades of Experience

A LIMS project, no matter the size, will only be successful if delivered by an experienced team. With 30+ years of successfully delivering LIMS solutions, LABVANTAGE boasts the most experienced deployment team in the industry. The expertise and experience of each of our resources is fully leveraged, in order to deliver a system in a manner that will exceed your expectations.

Key Benefits

What can you expect from a LABVANTAGE LIMS deployment? You can expect a project that

  • Is tailored to your unique business needs
  • Leverages our 30+ years of experience and knowledge of industry best practices to meet or exceed your project budget and timeline, and lower the total cost of ownership
  • Allows you to deploy globally – across time zones, geographies, and languages
  • Is executed by a proven and professional team of resources
  • Has the distinct feel of a partnership rather than a vendor- client interaction