Data Warehousing

Complex Data Made Simple with Data Warehousing

The average laboratory runs on data from multiple systems, and each system contains hundreds of database tables, thousands of database columns, and millions of database records. With all of that data available to you, shouldn’t it be simple to extract exactly the information you need about your business? We believe that it should be.

Data warehousing is the practice of copying operational data to a separate database system specifically designed to speed and simplify business reporting, whether that reporting comes in the form of ad-hoc queries or cutting edge business intelligence visuals. Although an operational system like a LIMS database contains large amounts of data, it is formatted to eliminate data redundancy and to allow for highly complex relationships. This may be beneficial to the operational system but makes business intelligence reporting too complex for business users.

Data Warehousing: Easily Available

At LABVANTAGE, our first goal of data warehousing is to make your laboratory data easily available. In addition, complex data must be made clear and intuitive. For example, nested data may need to be flattened, related records combined, and data labels made consistent. These practices give the business user quick and easy access to the data that will be used to trend, forecast, and make critical business decisions.

Consistently Presented

While your business may use acronyms and object synonyms freely, LABVANTAGE will help organize and transform your data so that it is presented consistently to business users. Using cutting-edge technologies and a pre-defined vocabulary that is specific to your business market, LABVANTAGE integrates your data across records, fields, tables, and data stores so that business users are always presented with a coherent view of available data.

Flexible and Adaptive

LABVANTAGE understands that laboratory data systems need to accommodate change, whether that change comes from a contract laboratory that provides flexible testing methods, or whether an organization expects to begin testing new products or materials. Likewise, LABVANTAGE understands that the data warehouse must also accommodate this new data, as well as the changing demands of the business intelligence consumer.

Key Benefits

  • Highly accessible and user friendly
  • Fast data retrieval
  • Categorized, cleansed and conformed
  • Simplified trending and forecasting
  • Informed decision making