Data Migration

For some organizations, data migration may sound simple. However, poor planning and management are the most common causes of data migration project failure. Since your data is an immensely valuable asset built up over years of operation, your business may be at risk if the migration project fails.

When considering data migration and consolidation, it is essential to understand the potential business impacts and resources required, and to set realistic objectives. With a dedicated team of data migration experts, LABVANTAGE provides unparalleled expertise to create a viable strategy that fits your particular business environment.

Safely Reach the New Destination through Data Migration

Because every migration project is unique and to minimize potential risks, we provide you with an in-depth analysis that identifies specific problem areas and risks prior to the implementation. We also address your concerns regarding the migration of custom functionality and potential data collision. LABVANTAGE will answer these questions and propose technical solutions for every critical step in the migration process.

Migrate from Any Source with Complete Data Integrity

Leveraging our data migration and integration knowledge, we can connect to any data source and safely extract the information to an intelligent format, providing the flexibility needed to transfer the data to its new destination. Our data transformation solution allows us to best prepare the data for its new destination without compromising on integrity.

Key Benefits

  • Managed data migration process that minimizes risks
  • Expert analysis of laboratory data
  • Flexible connectivity to your source and target systems
  • Optimal mapping of your data to the target systems
  • Verifiable data integrity from source to target