Virtualization & Cloud

While traditional IT systems can deliver technical solutions to support present and future requirements, these solutions are often costly and time consuming to put into service. Businesses today face increasing pressures to provide high quality IT services, while minimizing costs and time to implement and maintain their systems. With these new demands, it is critical for IT to be equipped with a new set of agile tools.

Get What You Need When You Need It from the Cloud

With the pace of business moving ever faster, time has become a critical factor when developing, testing and deploying new IT solutions, planning upgrades, and resolving issues. LABVANTAGE can implement our laboratory informatics solutions to cloud-based environments that address your time sensitive project demands. These environments can be preconfigured for rapid deployment, quickly be modified to match the functionally of your existing laboratory solution, and be customized to address new, unique requirements. No time or resource is wasted on the justification, approval, configuration and delivery of new hardware and software, significantly increasing the speed-to-value of your time-sensitive projects. For organizations wishing to deploy a private cloud network, our laboratory informatics strategy consulting services can guide you through the planning, deployment and management processes.

Only Pay for What You Use in the Cloud

Virtualization services provide opportunities for both short- and long-term hosting. Whether requiring hosting services for a number of weeks, months or years, you only pay for the period of time you use the services. This eliminates the significant investment in both hardware and software. Intermittent needs can also be addressed by “spinning up” a virtual solution and then saving it away when done. When needed again, start from the beginning or where you left off.

Instant Support & Secured Business Continuity

Changing business needs can demand more or less of your laboratory resources. Using a virtual solution with your LABVANTAGE software, it is a snap to change the available memory, disk space, and number and speed of processors. Moreover, with global availability and disaster recovery built in, a cloud-based solution solves the dreaded “What if’s.”

Key Benefits

The following are key features and benefits of a LABVANTAGE solution hosted on a private cloud:

  • No hardware purchase required
  • Minimal setup and installation time
  • Secured business continuity with built-in disaster recovery
  • Global availability
  • Available on-demand for short term uses (i.e. testing and development)
  • Flexible server management – you may freely start, stop and store as needed
  • Zero investment on internal IT resources with long-term hosted services by LABVANTAGE
  • Customizable for specific, emerging requirements