As many of you know, CTEC is right around the corner! Yes, you heard right. Our Customer Training and Educational Conference (CTEC) will take place just four months from today! The event has been scheduled to run from September 8th through September 12th in Orlando, Florida. Here at LABVANTAGE, presenters are drafting the content for their presentations; trainers are organizing their class materials, and our Marketing team is working on the rest! Our Marketing Specialist, Kim Buchanan, shares with us a little bit about the CTEC planning madness. Let’s see what she has to say!

MS: Hi Kim, thanks so much for your time! I hear you are very busy planning for CTEC 2013. What are some of the things you’re working on?

Hey Mel! Yes, with European LIMS Tour now wrapping up, CTEC preparations are in full swing. We recently announced the venue and also opened registration. I am currently working on the social event. There are so many great options in Orlando for entertainment! I can’t spill any details yet, but it will definitely be a fun night and a great time for networking.

Last week, the Marketing department also discussed this year’s theme…we have some cool ideas in the mix for that as well.  Planning for CTEC is always a great time. We have a very well-rounded team that works hard to make sure every detail is accounted for. There is also a lot of excitement associated with this event, which makes it my favorite to plan for!

MS: So how did you know The Loews Portofino Bay Hotel was the right location for this year’s CTEC?

This is a great question, Mel, and I think it is one our customers will be happy to hear the answer to. We had sent out a survey in February of this year asking customers some important preliminary questions about CTEC. The goal was to get a good feel for what mattered most to our customers as well as some feedback from the last event, etc. As this is a customer-focused event, we always take their opinions seriously and factor them into planning.  One of the questions asked which location they felt would be best for CTEC 2013. Although we got a lot of great responses, Orlando, FL got the highest amount of votes. Who doesn’t love Orlando?! 🙂

There are a lot of great properties there, but we selected the Portofino because it offered the perfect amount of space and the charisma of the seaside village of Portofino, Italy with its onsite restaurant, outdoor cafes, Tuscan ballroom, and cobblestone streets. Our VP of Sales, Jerry Hacker, had stayed there for a conference and I had vacationed there years ago with my family. We both thought it was a beautiful and fun place to stay!

MS: What other information did you learn from our customer surveys?

We found the survey response to be really helpful. Customers also let us know their opinions about which two aspects of CTEC they found most important. The response was technical information, followed by training and then networking with LABVANTAGE. We asked which training options people would find most valuable. LABVANTAGE 6 New Features was most popular, followed by Instrument Integration and then Reporting. We also asked if September/October was a good time of year for the conference. This was a very important one as we have considered holding the conference in the Spring, but as most people choose fall, we will maintain the September time frame.

MS: Great! Is there any other important information our customers should know?

Definitely! Everyone should be aware that there will be extensive training class offerings again this year and certification options will be available for many of the courses. We have new class offerings such as LABVANTAGE Import/Export Methods and we even have a BioBanking class this year called Clinical Protocols in LABVANTAGE 6. For a full list of class offerings, please visit our website. For those who have not yet registered, please visit our website and sign-up today! 🙂

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