May 10, 2011. Somerset, NJ. LABVANTAGE today announced an alliance with expressor software to provide state-of-the-art data integration solutions to establish an integrated informatics infrastructure for the laboratory.

expressor software provides state-of-the-art data integration software that is fast and easy-to-use. Its active metadata foundation simplifies data mapping and transformation, thereby dramatically lowering cost. Together with expressor, LABVANTAGE brings affordable, enterprise-class data integration and migration solutions to the laboratory.

“Laboratories today are facing unprecedented informatics challenges, as instruments and data systems continue to generate more and more data, storing that data in multiple different formats and schemas. As a market leader in laboratory informatics, LABVANTAGE is pioneering data integration services and solutions that efficiently integrate laboratory data for organizations of any size,” explains Brian Potter, Vice President of Strategic Solutions at LABVANTAGE. “By combining our expertise in laboratory data with the performance and powerful semantic capabilities of expressor, we can quickly and cost-effectively integrate data from a wide variety of sources and formats. This integration is critical in helping our customers transform their laboratory data into business wisdom,” affirms Mr. Potter.

“LABVANTAGE is a leading informatics provider with decades of laboratory experience and state-of-the-art solutions. We are pleased to announce the certification of LABVANTAGE as an expressor Premier Solutions Provider,” states Bob Potter, Chief Executive Officer at expressor. “expressor has an in-depth understanding of the complexities of moving large amounts of complex and valuable data, providing an incredible complement to LABVANTAGE’s expertise in laboratory informatics. Together, we are redefining standards for data integration in the laboratory and are moving organizations towards a modern era of integrated laboratory informatics.”

To view the LABVANTAGE’s recent activities and efforts in data integration, please visit the Vantage Point Blog.


LABVANTAGE Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Somerset, NJ, with offices around the world. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for the laboratory, including laboratory information management (LIMS), quality electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), and ????business intelligence?. Our industry-leading solutions and world-class services are the result of 20+ years of experience in laboratory informatics. We leverage that know-how with state of the art technology to help organizations redefine and optimize the way their laboratories conduct business. LABVANTAGE delivers the best technical and domain expertise available to help you drive the success of your business.

ABOUT expressor software

 expressor provides an affordable, enterprise-class data integration platform that features game-changing ease-of-use, performance and reusable data mappings—yet costs up to 80% less than comparable products. It is a comprehensive design, development and deployment platform tailored to support the full range of data integration applications, from tactical data migrations to data warehouses and predictive analytics.

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