LabVantage Managed Services

LabVantage Managed Services provides full lifecycle application management services for your business-critical LIMS solution. The service allows you to turn over the administration and optimization of your LIMS with confidence and ease.

24/7 Operations

Fast-track resolution of site-specific configuration and system issues. Managed Services is available 24/7 to ensure uptime service levels.

Proactive Monitoring

Issues can be resolved before they impact operations. Your LIMS and performance are proactively monitored to identify bottlenecks and other issues in advance of becoming critical.

Dedicated Team

You’ll come to know the LabVantage experts managing your configuration. A team is assigned to you and they work hard to maximize value, resolve issues, and ensure fast results.

Forward Thinking

LabVantage Managed Services partners with you to proactively plan for and complete enhancements, upgrades, and organization of your configuration to maximize the value of your LIMS.

Managed Services Executive Summary

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What can LabVantage Managed Services do for you?


Daily monitoring of the production environment, including ticket logging system.

System Interface Monitoring

Monitoring inbound and outbound alerts coming to and from the LIMS system to ensure on-time data flow.

Installation Services

Install patches and update software for any in-scope systems.

Validation Testing & Documentation Support

Validation testing efforts are fully supported. Required documentation is prepared and coordinated for validated environments as necessary.

Enhancements, Optimization, and Upgrades

Perform enhancements, optimization, and upgrades as defined within the Managed Services contract.

Bug Fixing

Resolve bug issues for any configuration or project code-related issues.

Environment Maintenance

Maintain your unique configuration and ensure all in-scope environments are synchronized (e.g., Test, QA, Production)