May 2 – 5, 2011. Inform 2011 is Waters’ Informatics Users’ Conference. Join us this year in Boston, MA and your colleagues from the pharmaceutical, environmental, food & beverage, and chemical industries. LABVANTAGE will be delivering 2 workshops held from 10:30-11:15AM and from 11:30AM-12:15PM on Wednesday, May 4th:

Optimize Productivity, Reduce Cost and Improve Quality through an Integrated Informatics Solution
Organizations leverage chromatography data systems (CDS) and scientific data management systems (SDMS) to collect, process and store scientific data from a variety of disparate sources. They also rely on laboratory information management solutions (LIMS) to automate workflows, manage laboratory data (i.e. samples, batches, methods, results and specifications), and ensure regulatory compliance with local and global standards. The promise of accurate and timely knowledge delivery lies in the ability to maintain fully controlled access to information in LIMS as well as scientific data from complimentary external sources.  Accordingly, organizations seek to consolidate these disparate solutions into one unified solution, eliminating infrastructure silos and removing manual transcription errors and redundant activities.

This session introduces you to LABVANTAGE, highlighting our core competencies and the business benefit that our customers have realized with a unified informatics solution.  We will examine the business needs, requirements, as well as advantages and benefits of a LABVANTAGE/Waters combined solution to achieve a cohesive and integrated informatics environment. We will also provide a case study on how LABVANTAGE works with Waters to establish a unified informatics solution for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical giants, allowing the company to introduce streamlined, standard processes to their multiple sites across the globe.

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