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Research and Development

The largest companies in the world use LabVantage, the most modern enterprise LIMS in the market, to speed up their product innovation. LabVantage addresses business needs, lets scientists focus on the science and makes it easier for IT to support the system.

Is your current LIMS helping you innovate faster?

Compete effectively in the marketplace without being restricted by the limitations of your current systems

Are your current systems slowing down your product commercialization?
LabVantage lets you speed up your product innovation by increasing laboratory efficiency and providing a clear view of laboratory operations.

Do limitations of your systems slow you down?
LabVantage provides flexibility so you can manage your experiments easily. LabVantage reduces manual data entry by connecting with instruments and systems.

Does your current LIMS use obsolete technology making it hard to support?
LabVantage is browser-based with no plugins or applets. LabVantage uses standard Java EE application servers and modern databases.

Do changes in laboratory processes turn into large IT projects?
With LabVantage, you have a flexible system that can support your laboratory over time reducing your total cost of ownership.

Are your current systems making it hard to collaborate with colleagues?
LabVantage lets you securely collaborate. Advanced annotation and search makes it easier to find relevant data across organization.

Do you manage multiple systems creating data silos and inconsistencies?
LabVantage can be centrally hosted for global deployment and can support hundreds of concurrent users.

Key Capabilities

LabVantage 8 provides out-of-box support for research and development labs. LabVantage lets you manage the sample lifecycle, optimize laboratory execution,  perform data retrieval, interface instruments and systems, and enable security and auditing.

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Top companies use LabVantage

Thousands of labs across the globe use LabVantage to power their laboratories and innovate faster. Our customers span across industries and range from the Fortune 500 to startups.

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