Risk-Free Quality Management

Quality management is vital to the success of any manufacturing organization that operates in markets where quality is synonymous with competitive advantage. These organizations require a laboratory informatics solution that addresses their critical requirements for ensuring product quality and accelerating time-to-market.

There are unprecedented pressures for companies to quickly meet business objectives and maximize the return on investment for their information technology projects. While the pressures continue to grow, the risks associated with system implementation (i.e. time, budget, and quality) have made the decision even tougher to select the right solution and provider.

Go Ahead. Give in to Your Desire to Go Fast.

LABVANTAGE’s industry-leading solutions and world-class services are the result of 30+ years of experience in laboratory informatics. We have a proven track record of successfully delivering return on investment to laboratories of all sizes and time zones. By coupling LABVANTAGE’s Quality Management Solution with a guaranteed implementation, LABVANTAGE has eliminated the risks associated with system implementation. Today, you have even more compelling reasons to select LABVANTAGE as your partner of choice, as we provide the most powerful combination of:

  • Full-featured and ready-to-deploy quality management functionality that addresses your business needs around quality, compliance and operation
  • Guaranteed implementation services with definite duration and fixed costs that eliminates risks, such as potential budget overruns and scope creep

Bring Quality into Focus – Faster, Safer and Easier.

LABVANTAGE’s Risk-Free Quality Management Solution incorporates industry best practices and functionality designed to address your comprehensive requirements for raw materials and finished goods testing. The solution is developed to help you optimize productivity, reduce costs and improve quality in a manner that is much faster, safer and easier. Also, regulatory compliance is secured through complete traceability within the entire QA/QC and manufacturing process. Some of the key pre-packaged quality management features include:

  • Batch/Lot Management
  • Skip-lot and Reduced Testing
  • Sample Batching
  • Test Method Management
  • Specification Maintenance

True Risk-Free Implementation of Quality Management LIMS. Guaranteed.

LABVANTAGE is already well recognized as the premier premier provider of enterprise solutions for quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC). The Risk-Free Quality Management Solution is now guaranteed to be delivered by LABVANTAGE within a fixed duration of 90 days and at a fixed cost of $90,000.* The guaranteed implementation serves the needs of both large and small organizations, enabling you to demonstrate quick success from rapid deployment. Moreover, the solution is implemented leveraging the latest zero-footprint technology, which also significantly simplifies wide-scale, multi-phased deployments.

LABVANTAGE’s 90-day/$90K* Guaranteed Implementation covers the service fee for the implementation of Risk-Free Quality Management Solution, including project management, business analysis, a pre-defined extent of configuration, and decision support. Additional configuration options are available and may be added at an extra charge and may require an extended duration of software implementation. Other fees, such as licensing and annual maintenance & support services are not included in this guaranteed price. To obtain more detailed information about licensing, options, maintenance & support, and/or training courses, please email LABVANTAGE.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate risks associated with system implementation
  • Demonstrate a quick success with reduced timeline and budget
  • Improve operational efficiency and productivity
  • Secure regulatory compliance with complete traceability throughout the manufacturing and quality testing process

*Please contact LABVANTAGE for non-US pricing
**See GQM Statement of Work for specific details.