Microbiology & Environmental Monitoring

For the life sciences industry, the traditional paper-based QC Micro laboratory processes are expensive, error-prone, and time and labor-intensive. Organizations are consistently challenged to improve product quality, increase productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance while reducing overall operating costs.

Most microbiology & environmental monitoring (MICRO/EM) laboratory operations rely heavily on manual, paper-based processes that are inefficient and error prone. However, transcription errors and failure to take appropriate actions can impact a company’s ability to comply with agency regulations.

Corporate mandates to reduce operating costs can complicate matters as compliance management can consume up to 40% of total operating budgets. By reducing the amount of paper-based human intervention, risk of non-compliance can be significantly reduced. A well-recognized industry leading laboratory informatics provider, LABVANTAGE has the in-depth knowledge necessary to enhance your complete MICRO/EM and manufacturing operations.

Take Paper and Error Out of Your Operation

Paperless, automated processes enhance a company’s ability to manage regulatory compliance and will provide significant operational efficiencies that result in tangible cost savings. LABVANTAGE provides a mobile computing platform for the paperless collection, processing and tracking of environmental and utility samples. Purposely built for the MICRO/EM lab, the solution requires no costly configuration or customization to be immediately useful and productive in your environment.

LABVANTAGE removes low value and redundant activities from manual, paper-based processes, thereby reducing errors and process deviations. We deliver a faster turnaround of information for deviation investigations and provide a faster, more informed product release, as all EM results can be linked and viewed along with the production lot testing results from the analytical lab.

Operate Flexibly in a Mobile Environment

Leveraging wireless technology, LABVANTAGE provides a mobile computing platform for the paperless collection, processing and tracking of environmental monitoring samples. The robust platform also provides a comprehensive set of functions to effectively manage and control the entire operation and provides data reporting, trending and visualization features designed specifically for your operations.

Key Benefits

  • Refocus personnel on value-added activities by reducing labor hours on data entry, paperwork, and other clerical function
  • Eliminate all paper schedules, hand-written notes, reconciliation, and transcription activities
  • Reduce errors and process deviations; faster turnaround of information for CAPA activities and product release
  • Prevent process deviations by automating sampling, testing, incubation, and results-entry functions for EM and utilities programs