LIMS Configuration

Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) that were built and customized to address specific laboratory requirements are still in use in many organizations. Those systems with custom coding are not just expensive to maintain, but only rigidly address the specific needs of one laboratory, in one isolated location. With their business continuing to grow and operations expanding into different locations, enterprises with custom LIMS are forced to constantly invest in costly programming resources to meet their changing needs. To minimize these costs, today’s organizations with multi-site operations are seeking to deploy a flexible solution¬†that accomplishes both global, enterprise informatics standardization and allows local configuration.

When it comes to evaluating the extent of a LIMS’ configuration capabilities, enterprises often ask the following questions:

  • Is the configuration achieved through hard to maintain custom code, or through easy-to-use configuration tools?
  • Are the configurations tools embedded into the LIMS or are they add-ons?
  • Will such flexible configuration tools help reduce validation cost & effort and eliminate the reliance on high cost programming resources?

A solution with comprehensive, easy-to-use configuration features is the future-proof solution, providing expansion flexibility that will continue to provide value over a longer period of time and ensuring the best return on organization’s information technology investment.

Built-In Flexibility That Allows Businesses to Quickly Grow and Adapt

LIMS Configuration Designer by LABVANTAGE Tramline Screenshot

Figure 1: Example of the LABVANTAGE Administrator Page & Designer Tramline

LABVANTAGE Web Page Designer, a sophisticated configuration solution built into the LABVANTAGE LIMS platform, offers uncompromising web page design and development for the ultimate in system maintainability. It provides property-driven, configurable web pages that are inheritance-based to provide maximum upgradeability throughout the life of the product’s configuration. System administrators can create the end user experience they want, when they want…without involving costly programmers.

With LABVANTAGE Web Page Designer, organizations can rapidly and intuitively configure the LABVANTAGE product to adapt their operational processes to the evolving corporate business practices and requirements, using the same tool leveraged by LABVANTAGE’s Professional Services Organization. Specifically, Designer enables enterprises to:

  • Configure the interface and the database
  • Perform administration tasks
  • Manage and maintain product configuration changes with data-driven web pages
  • Register and configure custom JSP pages for even more flexibility
  • Automate and streamline business and operational processes

Key Benefits

Tailored Solutions through Configuration

LABVANTAGE Web Page Designer allows system administrators to quickly change web pages. Administrators may also easily setup and change system architecture, database configuration, user administration, business process automation and end-user interface configurations. As a result, implementation time and expense are reduced, as well as ongoing maintenance costs.

Eliminate the Reliance on High Cost Programming Resources with Easy-to-Use Features

The “Build vs. Buy” conundrum is common to organizations that are seeking a solution that is specifically tailored to their laboratory requirements, but do not want to incur the significant resource costs required to build from scratch. LABVANTAGE is ideal for laboratories in this situation, because it provides an established and proven LIMS platform, with built-in configuration tools.

Reduce Validation Cost & Effort with a Property-Driven, Self-Documenting Configuration Tool

LABVANTAGE Web Page Designer offers uncompromising solution design and enhancement capabilities, enabling the creation of property-driven, configurable pages that are inheritance-based. These pages are maintained with each upgradeable throughout the life of your configuration, and any future changes can be easily made with only limited additional validation required.

LABVANTAGE Web Page Designer can also generate a configuration specification document that details all aspects of the configured web page. Over time, the configuration may be snapshotted and changed. Subsequently, the configuration document will highlight changes from one snapshot to another, focusing validation efforts only on those areas that have changed.