Many laboratories today still rely heavily on paper-based forms and documents for a variety of functions. For instance, contract service laboratories receive samples from various sources (i.e. production facilities and raw material suppliers) along with paper documents with sample descriptions, test methods requested, and work instructions.

Over time, the sheer volume of paper generated can be overwhelming and the cumbersome paperwork requires significant manpower to archive, manage, and maintain. The manual processes may jeopardize data integrity and create fatal errors, harming product and service quality, causing compliance issues, and putting a company’s goodwill at risk. The stakes are high, thus organizations are looking for ways to automate their processes by adopting a solution that eliminates unnecessary paper-based operations.

Hold on to the Familiar

With eSubmission, your paper forms are converted into electronic documents, enabling easy and fast transformation of your laboratory into a paperless environment. Paper forms and documents are transformed into electronic equivalents that look and feel just like their paper counterparts.

The intuitive eSubmission interface significantly curtails the learning curve required for new users to familiarize themselves with the new software. Accordingly, your internal and external users, such as employees, customers, and suppliers, will find it extremely easy and natural to interact with the electronic forms and quickly adapt to the process.

Speed Turnaround Time with Increased Throughput

The productivity advantages of a paperless work environment are immense. Take contract service laboratories as an example: production facilities can remotely submit sample data to the laboratory performing testing services. Upon logging on to LABVANTAGE, laboratory personnel can quickly view the submitted information and get prepared for testing the incoming samples. Upon arrival of the samples, the analysts can directly proceed to sample processing following the associated instructions. With no time wasted on labor intensive, error prone hand-entry, laboratories are able to accelerate time-to-market, increase throughput, and enhance service and product quality to maintain a competitive edge.

Work Your Forms. Intelligently.

As data is electronically entered and viewed in consistent formats, information accuracy is fully protected and the chance of mis-interpreting handwriting is also eliminated. LABVANTAGE also allows you to add “intelligence” behind the scene – once a submitter selects a certain test method, the form automatically displays a pre-defined subset of test activities specifically associated with the selected method. With only a few clicks to submit a service request, your submitters will greatly enjoy the convenience of working with you, resulting in a higher customer satisfaction and increased business opportunities.

For those laboratories that rely heavily on standard operating procedures (SOPs) and require enforced workflows to run your laboratory, interfacing with simple instruments, or double data entry capabilities, LABVANTAGE eNotebook not only provides you with the paperless advantages of eSubmission, but also enforces compliance with your SOPs, automatically transfers your instrument data, and enables keypunching data points by a separate user to facilitate data accuracy.
Key Benefits

  • Speed turnaround time with streamlined electronic data submission and review processes
  • Eliminate transcription and hand recognition errors
  • Reduce overhead costs for managing and maintaining paperwork
  • Easily manage and maintain captured data and form templates
  • Provide easy access with an intuitive web-interface for both internal and external users
  • Facilitate user-acceptance with a look and feel that replicates paper forms
  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction and create more business opportunities