Laboratories today still heavily rely on paper-based forms, documents, and notebook for filling and recording analytical/research data. From the managerial aspect, the sheer volume of paper generated can be overwhelming, and the cumbersome paperwork often requires manpower to archive and maintain. From an operational standpoint, once the paper has been reviewed, it will be hand-entered into laboratory systems. Depending on the complexity of requested information, your user might require specific training or detailed instructions to properly complete the form. Not only is this a time-consuming task, but can also lead to transcription inaccuracy and data inconsistency. As a result, the errors jeopardize data integrity and may further harm your product & service quality, causing compliance issues and putting your company’s goodwill at stake.

Many organizations are looking to automate their processes by adapting a computing solution that eliminates unnecessary paper-based operations. As an industry leader in quality laboratory electronic notebook, LABVANTAGE automates and expedites your data entry process and operations, relieving your organization from error-prone paperwork and hence enhancing the quality of your products.

Hold on to the Familiar

LABVANTAGE converts your papers into electronic documents. Worksheets, laboratory notebook pages, printed instrumentation logs, questionnaires are all transformed into an electronic format with a look and feel just as familiar as their paper counterparts. The intuitive interface significantly curtails the learning curve required for adopting new software, enabling easier and faster transformation of your laboratory to a paperless environment. Accordingly, analysts will quickly adapt to the electronic process, thus fully leveraging the advantages this technology provides to elevate productivity.

Maintain Data Integrity with Complete Audit Trail

Data entered in LABVANTAGE is digitally captured, recorded and stored in the database. All activities associated with a worksheet are recorded to maintain a complete audit trail. For example, your laboratory consumables (i.e. reagents) are fully tracked and once consumed they are automatically deducted from the available stock, triggering alerts to the inventory manager whenever refill thresholds are reached. Also, LABVANTAGE’s double data entry capability enables keypunching data points by a separate user to compare and correct entered information based on a first set of entries, providing a second layer of protection to assure accuracy of your captured data.

Using one single interface for all your data-capture needs is no longer just a concept. You can layout your existing work files, previously created in a variety of applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel, and create your electronic forms and worksheets. This conforms all of your transformed paper to a common interface, ensures consistent formats and enforces field validation and navigation to further support your verification and audit endeavors.

Adherence to Your Standard Operating Procedures

LABVANTAGE helps you enforce the standard operating procedures (SOPs) used to run your laboratory and automate the overall QA/QC process. Much more than a sophisticated data-entry interface, LABVANTAGE provides a built-in workflow engine and a set of data-aware/workflow-aware components to enforce compliance with your SOPs throughout the entire data-capture process. This ensures:

  • Correct sequence of execution of procedural steps
  • Error-free automated calculations
  • Consistency of data input through checks against physical limits and selections from dynamic lists of values
  • Completeness of entered data through the definition of mandatory fields

Automatically Transfer Your Instrument Data

LABVANTAGE can also interface to simple instruments, such as balances, titrators and pH-meters and eliminate the need of manual data entry for measurements of weight, concentration, pH, etc. Results are collected from the instrument, displayed on the screen in real-time, used to perform calculations and directly committed to the database after review from the analyst. This automated integration further avoids repeated data transcriptions and increases the productivity of your staff and the quality of your analytical results.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate data entry and retrieval by converting paper documents into electronic forms
  • Eliminate transcription and hand recognition errors
  • Improve compliance with procedures
  • Enforce SOP-based workflows
  • Increase quality of data via seamless integration of instruments, inventory systems, and more