Managing clinical studies and recruiting study subjects may be a time and resource consuming task for many organizations. Upon the arrival of a new subject, clinicians typically capture the subject information (e.g. patient data, medical information and treatment history) using a paper form. The captured data is then manually re-entered into the informatics system and submitted to the site manager for review, or to the study sponsors to perform research activities.

Not only is the data capture operation a time- and resource-consuming process, but it can also lead to transcription errors. From an administration perspective, the sheer volume of paper generated over time can be overwhelming and the cumbersome paperwork requires significant manpower to archive, manage, and maintain. Thus, organizations are looking for ways to automate their processes by adopting a solution that eliminates unnecessary paper-based operations.

Hold on to the Familiar

As the complexity of mission-critical research intensifies, LABVANTAGE understands how to best support your recruitment efforts and secure accuracy of your captured data. We convert your paper forms into electronic documents, enabling easy and fast transformation of your facility into a paperless environment.

Your clinical forms and case reports are transformed into electronic equivalents that look and feel just like their paper counterparts. The intuitive, web-based interface significantly curtails the learning curve required for new users to familiarize themselves with the new software. Accordingly, your users will find it extremely easy and natural to interact with the electronic forms and quickly adapt to the process.

Advance Science with Complete Data Security

The productivity advantages of a paperless work environment are immense. Once a form is filled, data is stored directly in your database for easy, adhoc searching and retrieval. Subject data with detailed annotations, and sometimes with a follow-up notation, is at your fingertips and ready for use by the authorized parties. With no time wasted on labor intensive, error prone hand-entry, you can significantly accelerate the subject recruitment process to best support cutting edge research endeavors. Robust role-based security control is in place to allow only the authorized personnel to view, edit, annotate, review and manage the forms, as well as the entered information.

Work Your Forms. Intelligently.

As data is electronically entered and viewed in consistent formats, information accuracy is fully protected and the chance of mis-interpreting handwriting is also eliminated. LABVANTAGE also allows you to add “intelligence” behind the scenes to provide a tiered response. For instance, once a clinician selects the “smoker” option for a patient, the form then automatically displays a pre-defined subset of fields associated a smoker subject. In this example, information on the patient’s smoking history may be required. This helps enforce compliance with your standard operating procedures throughout the entire data capture process.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate transcription and hand recognition errors
  • Provide easy access with an intuitive web-interface for your users, such as clinicians, study sponsors, and researchers
  • Enforce workflow for the documents with dynamic field control based on user response
  • Enable double data entry to ensure that data has been entered correctly
  • Facilitate user-acceptance with a look and feel that replicates the existing paper forms
  • Quickly retrieve and review data in consistent formats (e.g. date, time, and numeric symbols)
  • Protect data security with role-based access control
  • Allow unstructured notes and annotations of a field, on the fly
  • Reduce overhead costs for managing and maintaining paperwork
  • Easily manage and maintain captured data and form templates