Batch Management

With LABVANTAGE, you can configure how you create and manage manufacturing. LABVANTAGE Batch Management offers a set of flexible features that allow you to exactly model the workflow of your manufacturing procedures.

Flexible Batch Management Organized Like Your Manufacturing Process

LABVANTAGE Batch Management implements the batch/samples/testing hierarchy and is organized like your manufacturing process. At the center of Batch Management is the definition of a product, its suppliers or manufacturers and the overall sampling plan. LABVANTAGE Batch Management supports different types of batches including Raw Materials, Intermediate Products and Finished Goods. The entire batch release can be performed from one location that displays all samples and results from all stages of the batch.

A sophisticated sampling plan mechanism drives the different samples and testing required for an entire batch of this product. Sampling plans can be defined based on:

  • Size of the batch
  • Location (top, middle, bottom of a drum, composite, etc.)
  • Type of testing to be performed on each sample
  • Specification limits that need to be applied

A LIMS that Optimizes Your Procedures With No Compromise On Quality

LABVANTAGE Batch Management permits the definition of a testing optimization strategy so that the lab need not perform all tests on all samples of every batch. LABVANTAGE supports both Skip Lot and Reduced Testing strategies, providing the utmost in flexibility to match your standard procedures. Features include:

  • Vendor (manufacturers and suppliers) dependent testing rules
  • Automatic transition rules from “qualified” to “unqualified” if a vendor’s batch is of lesser quality.
  • Transition rules from “unqualified” to “qualified” with manual approval if the vendor’s batch history has improved.
  • Skip lot testing based on
    • Number of batches
    • Amount of time since the last batch
    • Rollovers to a new year or quarter

Streamline Your Batch Management Process From Receipt To Release

Once the sampling plan is defined, samples from the shop floor can be quickly and easily received into the lab either manually, or with the swipe of a barcode. Once received, information such as priority, source, or associated data can be updated and the samples are released for testing.

LABVANTAGE Batch Management provides multiple formats of an OOB Certificate of Analysis that can be reported for the Batch once the Batch is released. Batch Release can be configured on a product by product basis to either be automated if the system detects that all samples of a batch pass the specifications, or set to always require a manual review. When performing the manual review, the user has the option to perform a preliminary release until actual sample testing is complete.