Advanced Storage & Logistics

Facilitating Long-Term Storage & Enterprise Location Tracking

One of the key issues facing companies today is the complexity of managing the increasing number of samples, specimens, reagents, compounds, material, and other items generated or used during laboratory operations. It is important that a solution is able to accurately track item acquisition, location, and disposition with heightened regulatory compliance and through longer storage periods. It must do so across multiple storage facilities and with complete electronic signature records for chain of custody and audit trails. Moreover, the solution needs to facilitate shipment of packages and goods receipt associated with each item, providing confident and accurate material handling.

Improve operational efficiency with LIMS

Recognizing these challenges, LABVANTAGE has created the Advanced Storage & Logistics Module.
ASL addresses these needs to provide the operational efficiency required for short and long-term storage at any organization. LABVANTAGE ASL provides:

  • Centralized material tracking in support of organization-wide inventory control
  • Detailed location & shipment management
  • Aliquot, derivative & pooled sample tracking
  • Complete handling assurance
  • Electronic signature capture on transfer & disposition

The module is optimized for high volume batch operations that can involve many items and containers at one time, and can support multiple areas of responsibility within an organization. ASL is robust, yet flexible enough, to support custodial tracking depending on an organization’s requirements, whether related to R&D, formulation, stability analysis, quality management, etc.

Complying with Internal Standards & Procedures Through LIMS

LABVANTAGE ASL offers a robust out-of-the-box, yet configurable, workflow to ensure compliance with each organization’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), including shipping, inventory management, and other laboratory procedures. Furthermore, with fully enabled 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, LABVANTAGE ASL can maintain detailed location management, data control, and electronic signature to create a nonrepudiable audit trail. For those organizations requiring full support of GLP/GCP-level tracking for clinical research and development, LABVANTAGE offers a BioBanking Module that includes all of the features and functionality of ASL, plus extra operational and compliance features for biospecimen management. (See LabVantage BioBanking Solution Brochure)