Advanced Instrument Integration

What if a LIMS could easily connect to nearly every instrument on the market?

This state-of-the-art LIMS would need to include nearly all parsers and drivers out-of-the-box; the same parsers and drivers that would otherwise be coded by in-house programmers. Furthermore, the LIMS must be capable of capturing and processing more than just values. For simple instruments such as balances and pH meters, the system would need to be intelligent enough to associate results with metadata (units, samples, tests, etc.) to build context around the values collected. Additionally, for complex instruments such as chromatography data systems and blood analyzers, the LIMS would communicate bi-directionally to deliver both protocols/requirements and parse results returned as files.


Including drivers for over 200 of the most commonly used instruments in the industry, LABVANTAGE Connect greatly simplifies the challenge of interfacing with each instrument. Most instruments are readily connected as soon as LABVANTAGE goes live, and additional drivers for common laboratory instruments are created and provided at no charge.

LABVANTAGE Connect is extremely flexible and communicates with instruments and subsystems using file transfer, TCP/IP, serial port or web service. Simple and complex instruments fall into one of four major categories:

  • Simple instruments such as balances and pH meters that generate results from one or more unidentified samples and parameters
  • Unidirectional instruments such as ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma), AA (Atomic Absorption) and spectrophotometers that produce data with additional information, including sample and test IDs
  • Bi-directional instruments such as chromatography and special instruments, which generate results as files and can receive protocols and requirements
  • Complex and unique instruments not yet integrated into the instrument library

In addition to interfacing with bi-directional instruments through work lists in push or pull mode and extracting results in batch mode, LABVANTAGE Connect can immediately query results at the end of the operation. LABVANTAGE Connect can integrate directly with complex and unique instruments such as Waters Empowerâ„¢, as well as robotic solutions, such as those for storage and retrieval of biomaterial in biobanks.

Currently, most laboratories will either delay instrument interfacing to a later phase, or skip it all together, without realizing the benefits of automated data entry. This is a typical maneuver that avoids the hassle of creating parsers and custom code to achieve successful instrument interfacing. With LABVANTAGE Connect, we incorporate the drivers into our established, cutting-edge software as a turnkey solution, saving you precious time and money during implementation.


Advanced interfacing to instruments and subsystems will improve automation and minimize errors, thereby resulting in higher quality and accuracy without further investments in supplementary solutions. LABVANTAGE Connect is supported by technologies that have already demonstrated their suitability in everyday use, therefore rendering its administration simple and effortless. By eliminating transcription errors and increasing user compatibility, Connect will improve efficiency in laboratories worldwide.