LabVantage 8 Editions

Picking the Right LIMS

LabVantage 8 provides a number of different LIMS editions. Choosing the right edition will help you go live faster. Here are some questions you should consider:

Can I work with the standard, predefined processes?

Consider using LabVantage Quality, LabVantage Biobanking, or LabVantage Express to go live fast.

Do I need LIMS to fit my process and needs exactly?

Consider using LabVantage Enterprise to get the most flexibility and options.

Does my LIMS need to be validated?

Consider using LabVantage Pharma to get a pre-validated LIMS for your lab.

How many users will use LIMS?

If the number is small, LabVantage Express may be a good option. If you are looking at a large number of users, LabVantage Enterprise is the best choice. LabVantage Enterprise can scale up and also has features essential for multi-site support.

LabVantage Enterprise

Ideal for enterprises. Flexible enough to handle complex requirements. Can be used by any industry or laboratory. Provides significant ability to configure before and after implementation. Customization options are available.

LabVantage Pharma

Ideal for pharma customers looking for a pre-validated solution. Available for quality control labs looking to leverage GAMP 5 best practices. Can be configured before and after implementation by customers.

LabVantage Biobanking

Ideal for customers running biorepositories and collections. Supports all aspects of biorepository management including collection, processing, storage and dissemination. Can be configured before and after implementation by customers.

LabVantage Express

Ideal for smaller labs that have or want predetermined, standard processes. Available for quality control or contract testing labs. Only minor configuration and limited customizations. No post implementation configurations by customer.

LabVantage Quality

Ideal for customers across industries looking to go live quickly. Available for larger quality control labs that don’t need GAMP 5 based validation. Can be configured before and after implementation by customers.