Bridgewater, NJ. April 3, 2008. LabVantage today announced that its SAPPHIRE™ BioBanking Solution has been licensed by one of the world’s largest group medical clinics for its biospecimen accessioning laboratories. The medical institution is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of virtually every type of complex illness. As part of a multi-phase laboratory information management project, it will deploy SAPPHIRE to its core laboratories, replacing its disparate, legacy systems and introducing new and efficient processes that will harmonize laboratory processes for each of the core locations.

Historically, the clinic has primarily developed and deployed its own “in-house” solutions for its research laboratories. However, when defining the requirements for the multi-phase project, especially for critical biospecimen management, it determined that a commercial solution offering standardization and future proof expansion was the best path to pursue. After conducting in-depth reviews and analysis of commercial solutions, the clinic chose LabVantage’s SAPPHIRE for its comprehensive and configurable-off-the-shelf (COTS) functionality for biospecimen submission, tracking, accessioning, data capture, storage management and reporting. SAPPHIRE’S zero footprint, thin-client architecture was also a decisive factor as it would enable technicians, scientists, principal investigators, and clinical staff with the remote and secure access required when interacting with the biorepository.

The clinic has a vision of employing standardized tools for research and operations involving the use of both human and animal biospecimens. The SAPPHIRE BioBanking Solution is a key first step of a more comprehensive laboratory information management rollout designed to change and improve the course of drug discovery and development. With the standardization of its biorepositories in place, it can expand the scope of the SAPPHIRE implementation to further meet research objectives and improve its ability to facilitate personalized medicine.

“As a leading research institution driving advances in personalized medicine and treatments, the clinic’s vision for the future and the supporting solutions it needs to meet that vision maps well to our strategy of providing a configurable laboratory informatics backbone for today’s leading life sciences organizations,” asserts Ron Kasner, Vice President of Corporate Development for LabVantage. “Its selection of LabVantage is a testament to the robust functionality within SAPPHIRE and our BioBanking Solution, as well as, the talent of our services organization to implement the solution on a global scale.”

About LabVantage. LabVantage Solutions, Inc., an innovative global provider of enterprise solutions tailored for leading laboratories, serves discovery, development, formulation, process research, raw material testing, and quality management laboratories across multiple industries. LabVantage’s SAPPHIRE, a zero-footprint laboratory information management suite, is tailored to manage an organization’s critical laboratory information across its worldwide operations to optimize productivity and more effectively share knowledge. LabVantage is headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ, U.S.A. Further information about LabVantage and SAPPHIRE is available at

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