Somerset, NJ. June 16, 2011. LABVANTAGE today announced that a leading food safety and quality organization has officially launched the LABVANTAGE Laboratory Information Management Solution (LIMS) to support its multi-site laboratory operations.

The complete solution was delivered in less than 3 months, by leveraging an early adoption approach to quickly increase efficiency and minimize any potential disruptions. Today, LABVANTAGE provides global, real time access to testing, quality and safety information for the organization’s employees, customers and partners. LABVANTAGE improves operational efficiency, reduces turnaround time and helps ensure complete regulatory compliance throughout the samples’ entire lifecycle.

This non-profit organization is headquartered in the United States. It has been providing testing services to the food industry for well over 100 years. As a formal partner with the FDA, the organization continues to expand its range of services to maintain a competitive edge. The addition of LABVANTAGE is expected to further increase the organization’s ability to exceed customer expectations now and long into the future. By leveraging its many robust, out-of-the box features, including the eSubmission capability, LABVANTAGE allows the organization’s customers to electronically submit their test requests online. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also reduces the potential for errors, while streamlining the entire process for all involved.

LABVANTAGE couples full-featured and ready-to-deploy functionality with an agile and iterative implementation, eliminating many of the risks associated with typical system implementations, such as potential budget overruns and scope creep. LABVANTAGE is developed to provide a centralized informatics platform which may be configured to handle the changing needs of the organization.

“This is yet another example of how well suited LABVANTAGE is straight out-of-the box to meet the needs of any food quality and safety organization’s needs,” states Jeff Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer of LABVANTAGE. “In the growing area of food safety, we expect to be able to duplicate and even shorten the rapid implementation approach used here to ensure the same quick return on investment, at a lower cost to our customers.”


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