Bridgewater, NJ. December 18, 2008. LabVantage today announced that its SAPPHIRE Laboratory Information Management Suite (LIMS) now operates on the JBoss, BEA WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere Application Servers, in addition to the originally supported Sybase EA Server. As a result of LabVantage’s development initiatives, SAPPHIRE now runs on most of the leading Java EE (formerly J2EE) compliant application server platforms available in the market.

“With these application server additions, LabVantage has continued to maintain an industry leading LIMS architecture and simplify enterprise implementation, deployment, and administration of our SAPPHIRE Suite,” says Ron Kasner, Vice President, Corporate Development of LabVantage. “By allowing enterprises to leverage their existing IT [information technology] investments, SAPPHIRE’s total cost of ownership is reduced and return on investment for businesses realized more quickly – much needed in today’s challenging economy.”

SAPPHIRE has as its foundation a thin-client, zero footprint architecture that has been developed by LabVantage for almost a decade, longer than any other thin-client LIMS on the market today. This architecture requires no applets or downloads on the client, utilizing the Java EE application server to provide the application interface between the server and the end user client via HTML and JavaScript. In addition, SAPPHIRE operates on server clustering for added scalability, enhancing reliability with load balancing and failure-over.

SAPPHIRE currently operates on the following application servers and their respective release versions:

IBM WebSphere®
BEA WebLogic®
Sybase® EA Server
JBoss™ Application Server

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About LabVantage. LabVantage Solutions, Inc., an innovative global provider of enterprise solutions tailored for leading laboratories, serves discovery, development, formulation, process research, raw material testing, and quality management laboratories across multiple industries. LabVantage’s SAPPHIRE, a zero-footprint laboratory information management suite, is tailored to manage an organization’s critical laboratory information across its worldwide operations to optimize productivity and more effectively share knowledge. LabVantage is headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ, U.S.A. Further information about LabVantage and SAPPHIRE is available at

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