With the US Presidential election being at the forefront of the news, LABVANTAGE could not have picked a better location than Washington DC for this year’s Customer Training and Education Conference (CTEC).  With new choices and ideas in the air, LABVANTAGE carried over the excitement to the training part of CTEC. This year, for the first time ever, we offered certification as part of our conference training.

In previous conferences, we provided customers with a variety of training options that added to the existing value of the week, but at this year’s CTEC we went above and beyond. We allowed customers to become Admin Certified. That was truly a Presidential idea! While they attended CTEC to learn about new LABVANTAGE features and functionalities, they also had the chance to attend our standard LABVANTAGE Basic Administration course. Upon completion of the course, they were able to take the course exam and become certified, right at the conference!

For many, having this certification opportunity go hand in hand with the conference was a perfect union. Providing great value within the conference and having the opportunity to become certified was like paying for one and getting the other for free… and you can’t get much for free these days!

Some of the feedback we received from customers:

“…the possibility to attend real certification training courses makes the conference even more attractive.  I felt I could take more learning home this year than in the past when attending just ‘normal’ workshops.”

“To me, the System Administrator course with certification was the biggest asset of the conference.”

“With the Certification Training added to the Conference, it made it easier for me to get approval for the conference, and will be the reason we come back again next year!”

Wherever your vote may be cast in this years’ election, there is no debate, however, about the success of this year’s training at CTEC. With the new offering of certifications as part of training, the results show this year’s training won by a landslide!

For more information on our year-round training options, contact Lisa Hagerty at lhagerty@labvantage.com.

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