LabVantage COVID-19 Biobanking

Specimen Management * Workflows * Testing * Research * Rapid SaaS Deployment

Quickly take on COVID-19 challenges with a world-class biobanking LIMS, configured specifically for this challenge. LabVantage has adapted its market-leading LabVantage Biobanking LIMS to address workflows, CDC testing, and research applications in the urgent fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and resulting COVID-19 disease.

The LabVantage COVID-19 Biobanking Accelerator, deployed as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), can be ready to go live in just four weeks.

COVID-19 Quick Start Services & Training Plan

The Accelerator includes:

  • Complete Biobanking LIMS Solution
  • OMICS Workflows
  • COVID-Specific Workflows
  • CDC Test Methods
  • Management of Consumables
  • Seagull Scientific Bartender® barcode labeling software

In addition to the software, our offer includes the services you need to get up and running, and your users trained.

Startup & Training Services include:

  • Remote LabVantage Project Team
  • Setup of your SaaS environment
  • Help with Connecting to your VPN
  • Familiarization Training for your LIMS team
  • Help with Setting up User Accounts
  • Help with Definition of Storage Environments
  • End-User Training

Get Your COVID-19 Biobanking LIMS Now

Step up to the challenge armed with the best tools available: LabVantage COVID-19 Biobanking.

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