You wouldn’t think of going more than a year without looking under the hood of your car and checking your engine or your oil. So when was the last time you gave your lab a check-up? Are your employees working effectively and efficiently? Are they making the most out of their time and are you getting the most out of your LIMS?

I have to admit that even if I were able to figure out how to open the hood of my car to check my engine, I am quite sure that I would really have no idea what to look for… but hey, that’s what my mechanic is for. The same concept holds true for your lab. Just as my mechanic helps to keep my car running smoothly, your training department helps to keep your laboratory performing without encountering any bumps in its road.

When was the last time your employees took a training course on Reporting? Are you finding yourself copying code and piecemealing it together, instead of knowing how to write it on your own? Have you added new personnel whom have not yet had the opportunity to get officially trained and therefore, may have adapted bad habits? Let’s not even get into the fact that your processes themselves may have changed and that there may just be a “plain ol’ better way” to do things now.

Well, if any of the above sounds all too familiar, then it may be time for a tune-up. A little oil here, a little extra tightening there, and your LIMS can be running optimally in no time. Test-drive some training courses on a few of the newer features that may have rolled out since your installation. As your lab grows, so should your knowledge of the software you use and the new methods that are available. You may find an easy way to take your lab from 0 to 60 with little time or effort. What do you have to lose? These days, you can’t risk being left behind in the dust. Keep your lab on the fast track to success. Keep your employee training up-to-date, and get your lab running like a race car again.

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