Oil and Gas

Pre-Configured LIMS for Oil & Gas Labs

LabVantage Oil and Gas offers a pre-configured, cost-effective, and purpose-built LIMS platform for petrochemical and refining industries. This dramatically reduces the deployment time (75%) and cost (85%) compared to a traditional LIMS implementation, while providing – out of the box – the workflows and functionality required by petrochemical and refinery users.

Built from the most modern LIMS platform available, LabVantage Oil and Gas is a flexible and easy-to-use, web-based LIMS, with embedded ELN and LES, that helps organizations make more timely decisions while complying with regulatory requirements (GLP, ISO 17025).

Decades of experience implementing LIMS in the oil and gas industry are behind the creation of LabVantage Oil & Gas.

Why LabVantage Oil and Gas LIMS?

Centralized Deployment

Centrally hosted for global deployment, supporting hundreds of concurrent users.

Seamless Integration

Achieve operational efficiencies with laboratory instrumentations and systems such as SAP ERP.

Regulatory Compliance

ISO 1702521 CFR 11, Annex 11, EPA, GxP.

Access Real-Time Information

Enables continuous improvement of the production process by the processing facilities.

Digital Collection & Cross-referencing

Eliminate paper or Excel based systems and manual processes between different sources.

Environmental Testing Compliance

Visualize and monitor sample points based on predefined tests and specifications, with image-maps to locate hot-spots in facilities’ excursions.

LabVantage Oil and Gas LIMS Capabilities

Where can I learn more about LabVantage?

LabVantage provides out-of-the-box support for a R&D, QA/QC manufacturing labs, and more. LabVantage lets you manage the sample lifecycle, optimize laboratory execution, perform data retrieval, interface instruments and systems, and enable security and auditing.