Developed specifically for health care laboratories, LabVantage Medical Suite is a Laboratory Information System (LIS) that integrates all medical laboratory disciplines – from pathology and genomics to microbiology and other general lab functions – in one platform. It’s the DNA of your lab.

Its built-in and configurable workflows and powerful business intelligence tools seamlessly address your distinct needs.  Using our healthcare lab informatics solution, you can improve outcomes by transforming data into knowledge.

LabVantage Medical Suite, proven in more than 50 hospital and healthcare settings, helps:

  • Streamline the entire laboratory operation
  • Automate routine tasks and processes
  • Reduce errors and overall costs


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Ultimately, this translates to improvement in the efficiency and quality of laboratory work and to the safety and quality of patient care.

Why LabVantage Medical Suite

A single platform for your lab

Chemistry, hematology, microbiology, pathology, genomics, and more – in one platform. All disciplines share common features, databases, and interfaces enhancing information sharing and cross-discipline analytics. Due to its modular design, LabVantage Medical Suite can scale to meet your needs by discipline.

Best-in-class patient and user centered workflows

With the built-in workflow rules engine, our LIS can adapt to variations of laboratory workflows and incorporate your desired level of process automation. Our user/role-specific work lists and patient-centered views make our platform easy to use and learn, speeding user adoption.

Control center for your lab

Our LIS controls the communication of all instruments and systems bringing intelligence to the workflow and fully managing and supervising the entire laboratory process. This helps to assure that quality results are delivered in a timely manner to support care decisions and positive patient outcomes.

Seamless integration and data exchange

Our LIS seamlessly integrates with any laboratory equipment, system or outside organization in a convenient and validated manner. Integrations are implemented on open standards and interfaces, through HL7 or XML, or any proprietary protocol.

Configurable, off-the-shelf Product

Our LIS is a configurable off-the-shelf product. Installations can be modified for your specific needs and still be upgraded as new versions are released. We are committed to maintaining the systems’ innovative edge with regular updates and ensure it continues to provide industry-leading functionality.


LabVantage’s Medical Suite integrates fully with EMR, EHR, and pathology systems, and meets HL7 standards established for patient care. Instrument maintenance and analyst certification are fully supported to satisfy industry regulations. Importantly, consent management for tissue procurement meets HIPAA requirements, and tissue acquisition and distribution complies with IRB-approved protocols