Forensic Navigator

Pre-configured for Forensic Organizations

To speed forensic investigations across the entire life cycle, it’s best if everyone within the investigative process has the ability to extract meaningful information from the vast amounts of data collected using powerful analytical tools.

Data flows from the moment evidence is gathered at a crime scene, all the way to an investigation’s conclusion. Manage that journey in one seamless forensic informatics platform: LabVantage Forensic Navigator.

Why purchase, deploy and connect, test, and learn multiple systems when one will do it all?

Forensic Navigator goes beyond the traditional laboratory LIMS. It enables law enforcement to enter data in real time, make examination requests, and check status from a secure web-based portal. As the investigation continues – property management, forensic lab analysis, medical examiner, investigative activities, legal proceedings – the platform is the one solution needed for accurate, secure data management and analysis.

Available artificial intelligence provides the analytical layer needed to draw insight from the vast collection of forensic data.

No matter your role in the forensic life cycle, Forensic Navigator provides the tools and access you need to stay informed and make critical decisions.

Why LabVantage Forensic Navigator?

Trust Forensic Navigator from LabVantage for rapid resolution to the case – and confidence in the investigative result.

It’s the one solution for forensic intelligence from the crime scene to legal proceedings, accelerating the investigative process by streamlining, connecting, and analyzing all aspects of a criminal case.

Advanced Technology

Leverage the most modern, HTML5-based platform for forensic intelligence and advanced/predictive analytics and AI.

One Comprehensive System

No need to purchase, connect, maintain, and train on separate systems.


Work the way you want without custom code. The system is configurable, and designed with industry best practices out-of-the-box – including data integrity and cybersecurity protection.


Designed for participants in all forensic investigations, Forensic Navigator enables rapid access to shared data for greater investigative insights.

Digital Collection & Cross Referencing

Eliminate paper- or Excel-based systems and manual processes between different sources.

Regulatory Compliance

Enforces compliance with ISO 17025, CALEA, 21 CFR 11, Annex 11, EPA, GxP.

It’s everything you need for your forensic operations

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