With huge-volume, 24/7 continuous global operations and low margins, petrochemicals and hydrocarbon processing organizations are under significant pressures to improve throughput, maximize yield, and resolve quality problems rapidly. To improve manufacturing quality and maintain high profitability, efficient and accurate turnaround of laboratory analysis and integration of analytical results to decision making process are critical.

Maintain a Competitive Edge

LABVANTAGE helps petrochemical manufacturers maintain high productivity and stay at a competitive edge. We establish a cohesive informatics environment, automating your manufacturing processes and workflows to enhance product quality and increase throughput. LABVANTAGE streamlines the receiving, testing and approval of raw materials, which in turn supports and accelerates the processing of finished goods and transmitting approvals to the manufacturing system.

Stay Compliant in a Clean Environment

Collection of environmental data is crucial to supporting production activities and enhancing the business understanding of the overall mechanics of product creation. This type of data collection and analysis can be difficult due to the enormous amount of data needed for capture. LABVANTAGE provides a variety of solutions designed to streamline retrieval, review and reporting of this important information and help your laboratory operate in a clean environment and comply with industry regulations.

Easily Manage Specifications

Frequent changes in specifications are a way of life for many businesses. LABVANTAGE provides prompt support for the creation, maintenance and processing changes for product specifications, allowing zero interruption to production and business activities.

Strengthen Customer Confidence

With critical timing of processing and shipping materials, constructing a responsive environment to fulfill customer request is important to maintaining success and company goodwill. LABVANTAGE helps companies identify a hazard/product defect early, mitigate problems, execute corrective and preventive actions, and help you better address customer concerns and requests.

Key Benefits

  • Fast turnaround with easy access to production and analytical data
  • Fully regulatory adherence with ISO 9000 and compliance with standard operating procedures
  • Optimized productivity through streamlined quality and manufacturing processes
  • Automated laboratory workflow and specification checking for high quality product output
  • Flexible adjustment of product specifications, including seasonal adjustments and customer variation, to minimize production and business interruption