Comprehensive cancer centers have access to an abundant source of remnant non-diagnostic tissue specimens that can be collected for research use under specific internal review board (IRB) approved protocols. With the ever increasing cost of collection and maintenance of these valuable resources, the cancer centers require a robust informatics solution to meet their ever-changing research requirements.

LABVANTAGE has received numerous awards for its software innovation and customer services leadership. We have also garnered a vast customer base ranging from foremost scientific research institutes to dominant contract research organizations. We have a proven track record of helping cancer centers and research institutes, both inside and outside of the National Center Institute (NCI) community, establish a truly collaborative, compliant and productive research environment.

Robust Curation for the Biorepository

Keeping your mission-critical research objectives in mind, LABVANTAGE provides a state-of-the-art informatics platform to support the procurement, quality control, and annotation of collected tissues and specimens, establishing a sound foundation for a well-curated specimen collection. In addition, with the large number of patients coming through their doors and involved in clinical trials, LABVANTAGE enables flexible, adaptive, and protocol-specific procurements that are used to establish well-characterized specimens for the biorepository.

Bolster Collaborative Research Success

LABVANTAGE enables cancer centers to manage comprehensive data across varied scientific disciplines and facilities, while tracking platform-specific workflows for their services. A simplified sample submission is available on the enterprise-wide informatics platform, allowing your investigators to quickly transmit data, reports, and results to the researchers. Further, by leveraging flexible query methods for specimen identification and retrieval, personnel can easily locate the desired specimens and check the inventory status of the various types of samples. With more efficient information management and knowledge sharing, you can best utilize the valuable specimen resources and promote successful research findings.

In addition to supporting a diverse set of scientific disciplines, LABVANTAGE is easily configurable to allow the quick introduction of new platform technologies. Targeting complex scientific experiments and processes, LABVANTAGE supports workflow tracking and troubleshooting that not only integrates with various data analysis tools, but also conforms to industry standards for data exchange and integration.

Maximize Utilization to Drive Higher Return on Investment

Considering the extensive investments made in instrumentation and the specialized training required to operate them, laboratories must carefully track the usage of their shared instruments and resources. LABVANTAGE helps you maximize the utility of these costly resources by assuring that trained personnel, required instruments, and the necessary consumables are available when needed. Additionally, we offer resource scheduling with flexible sorting, filtering, and viewing of calendar availability to further maximize your resource utilization.

Full Compliance with Industry Standards

LABVANTAGE integrates with EMR, EHR, and pathology systems and meets the HL7 standards established for patient care. Instrument maintenance and analyst certification are fully supported in order to satisfy industry regulations. Moreover, with LABVANTAGE, your consent management for tissue procurement is under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, and you can also easily track IRB approved protocols for tissue acquisition and distribution.

Generate More Revenue with Detailed Billing

As a service provider to researchers, it is critical to carefully track instrument and resource usage, completion of projects, as well as use of consumables and reagents. LABVANTAGE helps thoroughly track these events, which may then be leveraged in the billing and invoicing of principal investgator (PI) accounts, grants, and other funding sources. Integrating with enterprise accounting systems, LABVANTAGE tracks PI accounts and funding sources and manages services and associated costs, to streamline your process of invoicing and payment recognition.

Key Benefits

  • Support your biorepository operations, including specimen procurement, quality control, and annotation of collected tissues
  • Accelerate research and development through robust tissue curation
  • Comply with GLPs, GCPs, 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, Internal Review Board (IRB) requirements, and other industry regulations
  • Maximize the utility of shared resources, such as instruments and equipment, to drive improved return on investment
  • Promote cross-system data sharing with certified data interoperability with external systems