If you’ve ever been tasked with the responsibility of setting up a classroom-like training environment, then you are fully aware of the issues that can crop up:

  • Software that has to be installed and configured multiple times
  • Computers that don’t have enough RAM to host your VMW
    ARE image
  • Or my favorite surprise, networking issues that reflect poorly on the speed and usability of your system.

If this sounds all too familiar, then let the cloud bring you sunnier days!

The cloud can save you significant setup time by allowing you to spin up the number of instances required for your training. Simply determine the number of images required for that specific training session and then wait for your images to load. All images can be created simultaneously without any work involved on your end. There is no longer a need for you to repeat your setup routine over and over and over again. Let the cloud do all the work!

Once installed, the cloud provides a consistent training environment for each of your students. By replicating your pre configured “master” image once for EVERY user, each student will be connecting to their own copy of the SAME environment. No surprises, no software conflicts, no problem.

Finally, and most importantly, the cloud is reliable. The cloud cuts out internal networking issues and file permissions that always pose problems with remote trainings, while at the same time eliminates software version conflicts you may find during setup (or worse yet, during the actual training itself). The cloud helps prevent those things that can adversely affect the usability of your system. In fact, I have personally seen the response time on the cloud often exceed many local network response times! We are thinking of offering some of our local internal training on our cloud environment.

So for those who are tasked with setting up various training environments, sunnier days are definitely here. Let the cloud help make your training setup quicker, while keeping your training environment consistent across users and ensuring that the environment for your application is reliable. The cloud is definitely the clear choice!

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