Today, most labs receive both internal and external requests for testing, sample identification, kits, and other services manually. Whether these requests come by phone, mail, fax, email or some other channel, they tend to be inefficient and error-prone.

The manual return of data or results can also be slow and inefficient, causing – for example – delays in patient treatment. There is often no way for your clients to access the status of requests, and no centralized place where they can view the latest test results and reports.

Providing external users with direct access to your LIMS is not a solution. Doing so can be a serious violation of GxP regulations and can also create data security and privacy risks. Previous attempts at interfacing have traditionally been unattractive and difficult to use, creating a negative impression among customers and discouraging use. They may have also been very expensive due to the fair amount of customization needed.

New portal relieves common frustrations and inefficiencies.

One of the most exciting new features in LabVantage Enterprise 8.7, coming later this year, is the all-new LabVantage Portal.

This secure, web-based interface will provide labs with a convenient way to give appropriate access rights to users outside the lab — streamlining submissions like service or kit requests — while protecting your valuable and sensitive laboratory data.

How a portal benefits both you and your clients.

With the new LabVantage Portal, your clients can submit requests, giving you the ability to see them directly in your LIMS and follow up on the results in real-time. While this enables convenient access, your clients won’t interact directly with the LIMS – ensuring the complete separation of data. Many of the security enhancements launched in December with LabVantage 8.6 were developed in tandem with the LIMS portal program, so they’ll work seamlessly with the new portal functionality.

The LabVantage Portal improves the self-supportability of your clients by enabling them to request testing, submit sample data, order kits, retrieve results and reports, track shipments, and more — all without any direct assistance from your team. Providing customers with the ability to enter requests directly into the portal (which sends the request to the LIMS) will also eliminate manual transcription errors and other inefficiencies.

In addition, the portal will guarantee consistency by using the same toolsets as LabVantage LIMS. Customers who are already familiar with LabVantage will be able to leverage their existing skills, including functions, configuration methods, usage, support and so on.

Configure the portal user interface to meet your clients’ needs.

The LabVantage portal is designed around a new app approach that enables you to custom tailor it specifically to your clients and their needs without writing any code.

These portal apps group all the tools and functions a user needs to complete their work in one place. These tools and functions can include dashboards, web pages, queries, reports or anything else a client needs to accomplish the task at hand.

Your portal can use one or more apps depending on what works best for you and your clients. For example, you can set up separate apps for portal account management, submission requests and results, and kit requests, or configure your own custom app.

The LabVantage Portal features a responsive and attractive new graphic user interface that’s been rebuilt from the ground up using ReactJS technology. It’s a completely refreshed and simplified look for LabVantage that’s easy to use and configure, making the portal apps fit for purpose. Users can navigate safely and efficiently with little or no training. Best of all, it works on any device – including computers, tablets and smartphones.

Get ready for faster, more accurate interaction with your clients. The new portal allows labs to automate and simplify many processes, without compromising your security or compliance. Get ready for faster, more accurate interaction with your clients.

The new portal allows labs to automate and simplify many processes, without compromising your security or compliance.

We’re excited to bring this new feature to you as part of LabVantage 8.7 later this year. Watch our website or follow us on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) for more details on version 8.7 as they become available, or contact us to learn how the new portal can be put to work for your lab’s unique needs.