There comes a time when change is essential for one’s growth. There have been many times when I have fought change because thinking outside of my normal thought pattern, or outside of my expectations, was frightening. This may surprise some of my peers and closest friends, but change is something that I fight — kicking and screaming! — on the inside.

That said, welcome to one of my biggest changes, working for a software company, LABVANTAGE! Coming from a fashion background and attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, I always expected to work for a company well within my comfort zone.

When I was first recruited for a position involving software support and maintenance, I was neither sure I understood what it entailed, nor did I find it in the least bit exciting. I recall reading the email request for an interview and initially thinking I would not have anything to offer coming from a fashion background. However, something that opened my eyes immediately from my very first interview, was how I sensed a feeling of “togetherness” and “family” at LABVANTAGE. It was my immediate impression and has stuck with me. I have had the opportunity to work under different groups at LABVANTAGE and have always felt welcomed regardless of my knowledge or background.

I have learned that here is where passion lies.

Since I manage and track all software support and maintenance, I am reminded daily of how important software is throughout the world. I have learned terms like, “modules”, “servers”, and the important roles they play in the overall application functionality. The people I have the pleasure of being around have shown me patience, compassion, and have spent the time to teach me the value of what we do as a company regardless of our background.

As I continue my journey with LABVANTAGE, I embrace each customer situation or inquiry as a learning experience and as an opportunity to show the passion I have to make our customer’s needs my primary goal.

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