Presenting at European LIMS Tour 2011

LABVANTAGE’S EU LIMS Tour, which took place from October 3-7, 2011, was held in United Kingdom, Benelux, Italy, Germany and Spain. The purpose of the tour was to provide updates on our product strategy, enhancements and industry case studies. If somebody were to ask me to choose three words to describe this year’s LIMS Tour, I would say: familiarity, change, and engagement.


LABVANTAGE has had over 25 years of involvement in the European LIMS market and long-lasting relationships with most of our customers. This created a strong presence of familiarity and closeness. Communication was open, honest and respectful. Any issues were addressed, while the LABVANTAGE team was sure to take into account everyone’s thoughts and suggestions. We also all ate together every day, which added to the fellowship of the event.

Presenting at European LIMS Tour 2011Change

While LABVANTAGE undergoes its transformation, as pictured by our new logo, the laboratory Informatics landscape is changing as well. As a result, customers’ business issues are evolving, stimulated by new paradigms and emerging technologies such as: Cloud Computing, Business (laboratory) Intelligence, scalable laboratory infrastructure, solutions that are purpose-driven, configurable and easily integrated to turn laboratory data into knowledge. The Tour was an incredible opportunity for us to share LABVANTAGE’s strategic view with an extraordinary audience. The most important message we received from the participants is that our strategic route is clearly understood. It is also greatly supported by our customer base as well as prospective customers. Benjamin Franklin once said: “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”


More than anything else, the 2011 European LIMS Tour has shown what “engagement” is all about. With 200 registered participants and about 180 attendees, this year’s Tour is among one of the largest events LABVANTAGE has ever organized in Europe. We have had the privilege and pleasure to meet people coming from over ten different countries; more than 150 different companies, which operate in all diverse market segments. This year, for the first time ever, we also had the opportunity to host prospective customers that are in the process of adopting our software solutions within their organizations. Moreover, the Tour spanned across five countries in just five days, crossing Europe east to west, posing logistics challenges that were brilliantly overcome by our organizational staff. LABVANTAGE has allocated a significant amount of resources to the preparation and execution of the Tour. More than 30 employees, ranging from development, quality and professional services, to sales and marketing, were directly involved. The entire European Leadership Team also contributed to the preparation and success of the event. LABVANTAGE’s CEO, Jeff Ferguson, joined many of the events as well.

I wish to thank all participants, contributors, presenters and anyone who directly or indirectly contributed to the huge success of this year’s European LIMS Tour. I encourage you to provide us with any feedback you may have about setup, organization, content and venues to help us make the 2012 European LIMS Tour even more amazing!

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