EU LIMS Tour is the largest conference LABVANTAGE hosts in Europe. It usually consists of five, one-day regional events, in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain. This year, the conference in Barcelona was a hit! Attendance surpassed the highest average which means our market in Spain is expanding and more companies in that region are interested in our LIMS. Antonio Cuevas, our Manager of Customer Care in Europe, shared with me how it all took place last Friday, May 17th.

MS: Hi Antonio, I heard our customers loved the Tour in Spain this year! What did they tell you? 

AC: Yes, Melissa! We had great feedback from our customers about EU LIMS Tour in Barcelona! They loved the location of the event… it was truly spectacular! It had a breathtaking view of Barcelona and its beaches which helped build the proper atmosphere we wanted to share with our customers and the rest of the LABVANTAGE crew.

MS: Where did the conference actually take place?

AC: We hosted the tour in W BARCELONA. It is located on the beachfront along the famous boardwalk in Barcelona. Our meeting space was large enough to accommodate our customers, the food was delicious and the service was extraordinary!

MS: What do you think our customers enjoyed most about the Tour?

AC: Customers really liked the LABVANTAGE presentations, especially the ones relevant to their current state and usage of the application. One of the presentations they rated particularly interesting was about LIMSView. LIMSView is the Business Intelligence solution we offer for laboratories.

MS: What other presentation do you think really stood out to them?

AC: They told me they also really enjoyed hearing about what’s coming soon for LABVANTAGE 6.1. There was clear interest in how these new features of LABVANTAGE will help them gain and improve their current efficiency levels.

MS: Sounds great! The purpose of this conference is to pamper our customers and share with them what we are working on, the new features we plan to release and the new solutions we have prepared for them. 

AC: Yes, they truly got that! Thanks, Melissa. I hope to see you here for the next EU LIMS Tour!

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