As many people are still becoming familiarized with the idea of Cloud Computing, I have been receiving many questions about how it works and what it is.

Cloud computing is a truly genius invention. On a basic level, it creates the potential for companies to have minimal, or even zero, overhead by eliminating the need to purchase computing hardware. Instead, a virtual machine will be used, which is stored and managed by an outside party. The great thing is that you only pay for what is actually needed and for the duration of time it will be used. Security issues and concerns are also lessened by the potential to enable a firewall when applicable.

Dave Hurt and I talk more about how LABVANTAGE first implemented Cloud services for our training purposes. The convenience and cost savings later ignited the adaptation and conversion to Cloud at customer sites. LABVANTAGE is currently working to determine how Cloud can further benefit our customers and help reduce the cost of running our software.

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