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Training classes will start on Wednesday, November 6 after lunch and end at noon on Friday, November 8. To register for training, please select this option when you register for the conference. Breakfast, breaks and lunch will be provided each day. Below is the training schedule and class descriptions. Click the + symbol next to each subject line to see more details. If you register for training, please also plan to bring a laptop computer with you. Our training classes do not require you to install any special software. The only requirements are Wi-Fi connectivity and a browser such as Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, or Safari. You are welcome to attend these classes without bringing your own computer. However, to get the most out of these classes, we highly recommend this as most of these sessions include time for hands-on exercises.

CTEC2019 Daily Training Agenda

Wednesday, November 6 – Two Afternoon Options

The LabVantage SPC component helps improve processes and data quality through statistics. Learn how to create control cards. These can plot histograms and evaluate your data distribution. This allows you to use LabVantage as a tool for statistical process control (SPC). Internal to the lab, this extends your ability to monitor control samples and plot control charts for AQC batches using SQC. Data quality control (DQC) is the implementation of checks against previous results to identify anomalies during data entry. Learn the advantages of different control card functions including: I-Chart, R%-Chart, moving ranges, run rules and control limits. Hands-on exercises will enable you to take full advantage of this component.
The LabVantage Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) module allows you to view, edit and manage laboratory data in a flexible manner that emulates paper documentation. This training class will teach you the fundamentals of our ELN including Workbooks, Worksheets and the Worksheet Manager. Using a similar paperless approach, the LabVantage Laboratory Execution System (LES) generates Worksheets that turn a Test Method into a standard operating procedure. Once implemented, LES Worksheets can help enforce good laboratory practices (GLP), improve the quality of captured data, and lead users through the execution of complex testing methods. This hands-on training will give you the introductory knowledge to dig deeper into the ELN & LES on your own system.

Snacks and refreshments provided during this intermission

Thursday, November 7 – Two Full Day Options

Full breakfast provided for those who registered for training

The LabVantage Work Assignment & Planning (WAP) module brings several exciting improvements to managing your laboratory workload. Assignments can now be made using a robust drag-and-drop interface. Improved calendar views allow you to quickly visualize current assignments, identify bottlenecks, and optimize resource assignment for more efficient activity throughput. Learn how to quickly allocate, prioritize and schedule work among qualified users and instruments based on even distributions and current workloads. Manage work calendars by resource, groups, departments, tests, groups of samples or batches. This is a full-day class with hands-on exercises for those who need to configure the resource planning module.

Are you new to LabVantage? Or will you be upgrading to LV8 soon? This introductory class will teach you to perform essential end-user activities such as navigation, creation and identification of data, management of samples and keeping tabs on your key performance indicators. Having mastered these functions, you will be able to focus more on the science and less on the software. Working examples are provided during hands-on instruction.

Snacks and refreshments provided during this intermission
Snacks and refreshments provided during this intermission

Friday, November 8 – Two Half-Day Options

Full breakfast provided to those who registered for training

This class covers the various security options provided by LabVantage. Learn how to configure your application for optimal data security. We will talk about controlling data access across departments, chain of custody options, audit trail and electronic signatures. This class will give hands-on examples for system administrators to follow as you consider which features are right for you.

This class will cover some features introduced in LabVantage 8.4. These fall into three main categories: 1) Master Data Navigator 2) The Master Data Collection Tool, and 3) DFD import error handling. The new Master Data Navigator allows you to architect your data quickly using a top-down approach. A tree structure helps you visualize which items still need to be completed before approving the entire testing template. Need to bring a new lab online? The Master Data Collection Tool is based on an Excel spreadsheet that allows master data to be constructed offline. Data file definitions (DFDs) supplied by LabVantage enable the import of these records. Finally, have you found it challenging to debug your worksheets before, during or after import? The improved DFD function gives specific feedback on which row and cell created the error and provides enhanced data validation options so that non-conforming data can be quickly identified before it is imported into LIMS.

Snacks and refreshments provided during this intermission

LabVantage Live Demonstration

Take LabVantage 8.5 for a spin

Not available during lunch hours on all days

Monday: 1:30PM – 5:00PM
Tuesday: 8:30AM – 11AM
Wednesday: 9:30AM – 11:00AM

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