Customers frequently share with me how much they love the idea of eLearning. For those that really value the main advantages of eLearning (no travel, learning in the comfort of your home or office) but sought that live classroom interaction, I recommend the virtual training program. Students can watch live presentations on-screen and interact with the online trainer, whether to discuss topics or ask for assistance just like they can if they are at an in-house facility. With training materials in hand prior to the scheduled training date, the student’s only requirement is to have a phone and Internet access.

Many organizations have already reaped benefits from this cost-effective way of training their LIMS admins and users. As an example, many LABVANTAGE customers have already signed up for virtual training since 2010. The below video features Jeff Vannest and I conversing on LABVANTAGE’s tremendous offering. Now, through our new partnership with SHI, we can offer training on the cloud… on a global basis!

But hey, if in-person training is still your cup of tea, you are definitely and always welcome at our new headquarter in Somerset, NJ.

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