The LIMS Glossary

updated: November 12, 2022 The LIMS world uses what could be called a language of its own. For anyone exploring a new Laboratory Information Management System, this glossary of LIMS-related terms may be of assistance in your journey. # 21 [...]

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Creating the Ideal LIMS for Forensic Investigation

In today’s world, you are facing ever-increasing caseloads and higher-than-ever demands for full traceability. Forensic organizations need tools that expedite and streamline processes while rigorously documenting chain-of-custody, analytical activities, and quality assurance traceability. A Growing ‘Reliance on Science’ Ever since [...]

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Can a Pharma LIMS Really be Pre-Validated?

We often field questions about the LabVantage Pharma Accelerator, which is described as a ‘pre-validated’ platform. But what does ‘pre-validation’ actually mean? Quality and computer system validation professionals understand that formal validation can only take place on the production system, [...]

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Why Informatics Drives R&D in Biopharma

In this first installment of our molecular biology series, we’ll discuss the importance of scientific and technological evolution in the R&D space. A new era of breakthrough science is reshaping the healthcare, biotech, and agricultural industries. The scientific approach to [...]

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