I’m honored to be a part of the LABVANTAGE family, which has supported the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.  I’m glad that we will be named as such when the 2011 awardees are presented their kudos. I’m  proud of our leadership team in taking the mantle and driving us to the Baldrige Criteria. The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program has been placed among the list of the top-ten, government leadership development programs on the leadership excellence website several years in a row!

To quote a recent e-mail from the Baldrige Program, “Here’s what employers are saying about the benefits of having an employee or senior leader serve on the Board of Examiners:”

We were seeing personal growth and development in our employees, especially our senior leaders who are examiners. We were seeing increased confidence, better leadership skills, a major level of excitement and energy, and more engagement in participation in all of our meetings.—Matt Fleming, President, Midway USA, Missouri, 2009 Baldrige Award recipient (small business).

Why am I writing this blog? Because I’m not as proud of the budget cuts that threaten the existence of this worthy and worthwhile program in leadership training that is quoted globally for its successes. Please support this worthy cause by sharing this blog link: https://www.labvantage.com/blog/index.php/2011/11/budget-cuts-threaten-baldrige-program.

This will let people know that we need to send a clear message to Congress that this program is a need, not a want. The few dollars we have left to budget, should be used to reinvest in ourselves through the Baldrige Program.  How else are we supposed to learn? By not following the light that can lead us out of the darkness this economy has taken us down?

This is what Baldrige is all about: positive change for the betterment of the country’s industry and economy.  Again, it’s not too late -please post on FaceBook, Twitter, and Linked-In.

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