One thousand twenty-six exhibitors from 37 countries participated in this year’s 23rd Analytica, the International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis and Biotechnology, in Munich, Germany. This year’s fair revolved around new Live Labs, three completely equipped laboratories. In addition, the scientific Analytica Conference and the practice-oriented program of related events, invited visitors to discuss and exchange ideas and information.

The countries with the highest attendace were Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy and France. There was also a significant increase in the number of visitors from the United States (almost 14 percent). For the first time ever, the Analytical & Life Science Systems Association (ALSSA), an American trade association, held a meeting at the fair.

After the financial crisis and a successful year in 2011, German manufacturers of analysis, biotechnology and laboratory-technology equipment are feeling optimistic about the future.

LABVANTAGE attended multiple Analytica 2012 events, such as the centralized location for laboratory software solutions, the “Forensic Live Lab,” which has been used to interact with many interesting people.

With a complete product now available in mobile mode, LABVANTAGE was able to show live demos where all server hardware was hosted in a cloud in the U.S. and the end-user interaction was done using an iPadTM. LABVANTAGE continues to stay up-to-date on trends of the times.

In addition to many new features included in the newly released LABVANTAGE 6, the eForms technology has drawn a lot of interest from the visitors. This technology has only been available for 2 years, but still allows for the transformation of existing paper workflows into electronic forms, and is still unparalleled in the LIMS industry.

In many live demos, LABVANTAGE demonstrated lab workflows containing automation steps like labeling, scanning and instrument connection using a balance.

Next to the standard LIMS functionality of Biobanking, special solutions for clinics and forensics, as well as a very cost-effective Business Intelligence solution called “LimsView” was presented.

In the short period that LABVANTAGE was present at the German-speaking market, it was quickly recognized as a very valuable solution and innovative partner for all industry segments working with laboratory data, while still delivering the right solution in a timely and affordable manner.

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