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Over the past decade, a growth of biorepositories has been established to support research efforts in discovering, developing and validating new medicines and personalized healthcare treatments. With the ever increasing cost of collection and maintenance of these valuable resources, organizations need to deploy a robust informatics platform to support their fast expanding biobanking operations.

Recognizing the diverse challenges of running a successful and efficient biorepository, the LABVANTAGE BioBanking solution addresses your comprehensive needs to efficiently manage a biorepository. LABVANTAGE is your partner of choice - we have garnered a vast customer base, ranging from foremost scientific research institutes to dominant contract research organizations, and from fast growing biotechnology companies to global pharmaceutical enterprises.

Complete Governance of Your Valuable Bio-Assets

LABVANTAGE maintains centralized records of an entire organization's biological material assets, as well as the by-products of the experimental process, such as aliquots and derivatives. Our BioBanking solution serves as a standard platform across your storage, data capture, retrieval and handling needs. It also allows you to manage consent and study records - all on a single solution platform. In addition, each disparate laboratory in your organization can leverage the same robust infrastructure to operate, following standard workflows and maintaining accurate sample records. LABVANTAGE also manages Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and non-GLP materials, allowing for the consistent production of regulatory filings, scientific experimental reports and validated clinical development records.

Secure Sample Collection & Operation Continuity

Your shipments of samples from collection sites and distributions of biomaterial from the repository are fully tracked. Your inventory and managed collection supplies are also supported, including tracking the location of kit assemblies. LABVANTAGE not only helps you better utilize your bio-samples, but also helps you to manage the inventory of tools and kits required to continue your sample collection efforts - with zero interruption to your daily operation.

True Collaboration to Speed Research Success

Having the ability to easily track the generation, approval, and fulfillment of requests for available samples, your repository can act as a reliable supplier of critical biospecimens, and hence allow researchers to collaboratively share their samples to further multiple research objectives. Also, to avoid re-entry of data and potential transcription errors, your informatics platform is integrated with clinical datasets and research results, and researchers are empowered to quickly identify specimens that meet specific project criteria.

As the promise of genomic and personalized medicine lies in the ability to forge a connection between "phenotypic" clinical data, LABVANTAGE allows your clinicians to easily and reliably enter valuable annotation at the point of collection. Your unique sample collection forms and case report forms are easily configured to quickly adapt to various researcher needs.

Robust and Scalable Conformance to Your Unique Operations

Extensive configurability is paramount to marrying any informatics solution to your particular procedures and practices from different sample collection facilities. LABVANTAGE facilitates rapid conformance to your unique operational requirements, and as your business continues to grow, we support scaling of your business to allow a much larger scale of sample collection.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate research collaboration with enterprise wide access and visibility to specimen data, clinical information and associated annotations
  • Speed research success by providing well-annotated, high quality specimen data that can be quickly identified
  • Satisfy your storage, data capture, retrieval and handling needs on one single informatics platform
  • Simplify inventory management and quickly locate desired biospecimens and materials
  • Meet regulatory and privacy requirements with full chain of custody and consent tracking
  • Standardize sample and data collection process across multiple sites and laboratories

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