Chemical & Process Manufacturing

Chemical and process manufacturing organizations often produce a variety of products with custom specifications for various customers. In order to increase production volumes and deliver customer orders in a timely manner, many facilities are operating on a 24x7 basis. The increasing pressures of delivering improved profit on low margins reiterate the importance of a informatics platform that facilitates higher throughput, maximized yield, and rapid resolution of quality problems. Efficient, accurate turnaround of laboratory analysis and integration of analytical results into the real-time decision making processes are also critical to maintaining profitability and achieving world-class quality.

With decades of experience in automating laboratory processes, LABVANTAGE helps you take control of your data and drive continuous improvement. We are the leader in providing standardized informatics solution that helps chemical and process manufacturers meet global standards and scale production under controlled conditions.

Facilitate Information Transfer and Decision Support

LABVANTAGE provides real-time decision support by closely tracking in-process sample results and locations with on-demand access to graphical trending of results and statistical process control (SPC) charts. Further, your laboratory operation is fully integrated with business processes for enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and supply chain execution (SCE). By integrating a variety of processes in a configurable fashion, LABVANTAGE provides you with enriched, insightful information, so that you can make more informed decisions and take swift actions to mitigate potential problems or execute an improvement plan.

Drive Consistent, Efficient Quality Production

For organizations producing bulk & specialty chemicals, intermediates and raw materials, LABVANTAGE helps you handle a wide variety of specifications and operational workflows to ensure strict quality control and accurate product grading/re-grading. With the ability to precisely match product grades with given results and to reclassify product batches, your resources can be further utilized to produce goods with consistently high quality. With the ability to track test results through all stages, you can be confident that each manufactured product consistently meets quality guidelines. Further, leveraging robust batch management capabilities, sophisticated sample test plan (i.e., skip-lot testing) rules are automated to minimize testing while documenting the reliability of raw materials and other chemical feedstock.

Key Benefits

  • Speed informed decision-making through integration with external systems
  • Increase profitability with the ability to serve multiple markets with unique specifications and requirements
  • Maximize the value of materials through better product reclassification and re-grading
  • Guarantee the accuracy and improve the speed of data entry by leveraging advanced barcode technology and automatic instrument data transfer